LITAS Guest Speaker: Dr. Maria Wendt

On August 21, LITAS for Girls hosted the first guest speaker of our Distinguished Speaker Series, Dr. Maria Wendt, Head of Biologics Research at Sanofi US and Global Head of Digital Biologics Platform at Sanofi.

Dr. Wendt talked about her journey, from her first steps into computing on a simple calculator to her current occupation as the Head of Biologics Research at Sanofi.

She gave us a glimpse of her time at Genedata where she was surrounded by three different cultures and talked about how this experience shaped her leadership.

She also passionately delved into her work, explaining the biologics revolution of constructing large antibodies as drugs which can aid existing cells to eradicate sick cells from the body. Dr. Wendt has an amazingly positive and optimistic outlook on the world and she hopes to continue making a difference in the world, ranging from her work in Biologics to increasing diversity in STEM fields.

"I really enjoyed Dr. Wendt sharing her experiences from a global and multicultural perspective," one student commented. "She focused not on where she is now, but on how she got there and the risks she took to pursue her passion, inspiring me to take the risks and opportunities that come my way!"

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